hCG Protocol Information Summary


Loading Phase – 2 Days
Gaining Weight (on purpose)

I know, it sounds weird. “Load” for 2 Days, taking in a higher fat and higher calorie diet than usual these two days.


3-6 weeks
Losing Weight

During this time you are taking hCG and eating a specific 500 calorie diet from an approved foods list. For all the details on Phase 2 of hCG go here.

Transition off the hCG hormone: 72 hours.

Stop taking hCG while continuing the 500 calorie diet. It takes about 72 hours for the hormone to fully leave your system during which time you continue eating based on Phase 2 rules.


3 weeks
Stabilizing Your New Weight

The stabilization phase, where you will be eating a low carb diet to stabilize your new weight. This lasts for 3 weeks, where you are supposed to keep your weight within 2 lbs of your LDW (last dose weight – your weight on the scale the morning of your last dose of hCG). When it goes above this 2 lb window, you do what’s called a Steak Day. A steak day is simply not eating during the day but drinking lots of water, then having a large steak and tomato or apple for dinner. This is a correction method to bring the weight back down again.


Your Weight

Phase 4 is essentially what your daily life, beyond losing weight, is all about. The idea is to gradually re-incorporate foods that contain carbs and see which ones you can eat and still maintain

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